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AA Academy Institute

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AA Academy’s programme of Abacus & Mental Arithmetic is the first of it’s kind in Karnataka and only the third in India with such a programme, specially designed to activate and rejuvenate the “Brain Power”, sharpen concentration and comprehension skills, enhance listening skills and germinate speed with accuracy in presentation abilities of children from 4 to 12 years of age, giving them the self confidence to face vicissitudes of life, confidently. Today, AA Academy, with its 15 fully trained and skilled ABACUS course instructors, is “Discovering the genius within” of more than 8000 students in Jayanagar and Indranagar, alone.

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Singapore mathematics(Scholast
Singapore mathematics(Scholastic Alpha mathematics) is a world-class programme based on the innovative and effective teaching and learning practices of nations that are global top-performers in mathem...
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